There will be temporary road and lane closures in order to perform this work safely; however, access will be maintained for local traffic and emergency vehicles. Pedestrian access, as well as access to driveways, will be maintained. If there is a need to work in front of a particular driveway, construction will be coordinated with that business or homeowner on an as needed basis.

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Start Date: October 2011

Estimated Completion Date: Spring 2014

Approximate Cost: $24.5 million

Project Boundaries:

  • Red Bug Lake Road: from S.R. 436 to Eagle Circle
  • S.R. 436: from Lake Howell Road to Wilshire Boulevard
  • Winter Park Drive: from Red Bug Lake Road to just south of Cannon Way

The intent of this project is to improve safety and mobility. Improvements include:

  • Widening of S.R. 436 from 6 to 8 lanes
  • Widening of Red Bug Lake Road to 6 lanes
  • Widening of Winter Park Drive to 4 lanes
  • Construction of a 4-span steel flyover bridge for southbound vehicles on S.R. 436 turning onto eastbound Red Bug Lake Rd
  • Upgrading the existing storm water drainage system
  • Replacement of the existing brick wall adjacent to the Sommerset neighborhood
  • Addition of landscaping and irrigation
  • Reconstructing and repaving the roadway
  • Replacement and addition of roadway lighting
  • Reconstructing curb ramps to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards

Update - August 2013

Among the finished components of the job, they are the following:

  • Bridge Piers
  • Beam Installation

In the next month, expect these following items of work:

  • Continue widening SR 436 north and south of Red Bug Lake Road
  • Continue widening Red Bug Lake Road
  • Continue widening Winter Park Drive
  • Installation of deck steel on bridge
  • Continue roadway signalization
  • Continue roadway signage
  • Continue drainage work (roads & ponds)
  • Installation of landscaping and sod

For general inquiries, please contact the Red Bug Lake Road Project Information Hotline, at (407) 709-9840. Your call will be returned within 24 hours.

You may also email the project's public information officer, Megan Olivera, at

Please visit Seminole County’s Cone Zone website,, for additional information on this and other construction projects.

    Construction Zone: Red Bug Lake Road Interchange Improvement Project | Contractor: The Middlesex Corporation | Construction Inspection Engineer: CDM Smith